Welcome to Yoga with Sofi

Sofi began her yoga journey, with the encouragement of a friend, at the age of 58. She has been an enthusiastic yoga practitioner for eighteen years and has been teaching classes for the last eleven of those years. A career in psychiatric social work has honed the empathy, compassion and self- awareness that inspires her students.

Sofi’s belief that movement is key to both physical and emotional well being is at the core of her yoga philosophy. She is committed to bringing yoga and its benefits to all who want to increase their mobility and strength. She encourages her students to expand the mind-body connection through movement and breathwork.

“I have been a student of Sofi’s since I was 82 years of age. Her help as part of my total therapy program has been instrumental in my overall sucess.” Malcolm
“I was looking for a yoga teacher that could work with me—a 50-something woman—and I feel both fortunate and grateful that I found Sofi. I value Sofi’s commitment to teaching proper alignment and her ability to meet her students where they are on any given day, both physically and mentally.” Christine
“As an Olympic weightlifting and bootcamp coach, I appreciate Sofi’s emphasis on alignment and safety. Sofi will change you both physically and spiritually. No wonder she has a cult following!” Mildred